Business Website & Online Store Builder Platform

(the platform is SaaS, requires PRO Business License)

Help your clients create UNLIMITED business websites & online stores
host them on your own server as Custom Domains

Thank so much for purchasing our gomymobiBSB, with hot features

Basic Features

  • Based on Bootstrap 3
  • Downloadable for Every site
  • Responsive Layout for Builder
  • Drag-n-drop, User Friendly Builder
  • Responsive Mobile Friendly Themes
  • Compatiable with All browsers
  • Easy-to-use Built-in Media
  • Support Multiple Languages
  • 3 Icon Sets
  • Upload edited site via FTP
  • Easy Installation & Update
  • Consume less server resources
  • All tasks processed via AJAX
  • Element Builder with sample pages
  • Limit media uploadable files
  • Limit size of uploadable file
  • Limit maximum storage per user
  • Turn on/off site & store theme upload
  • Maintain Mode to notify
  • Address Bar Color on mobile devices
  • Media Browser Theme Chooser
  • Builders support multi-lingual
  • Custom email templates
  • Gmail / Yahoo to send out emails
  • Custom Loading Bars & Progress
  • Super Fast & Cache for Content
  • Easy Expand with your own plugins

More PRO Solutions

  • Site Management
  • Upload your Creative Themes
  • Dashboard Statistics
  • User Registration & Management
  • System Settings Panel
  • Private User Settings Personally
  • Thumbnail Web Screenshot Capturer
  • Payment History
  • Payments for Theme Licenses
  • Shop Themes Management
  • Shop Themes Buy & Sell
  • Login with Socials
  • Many Account Login & Register Styles
  • System Loading GIF Image & AJAX
  • Multiple parameters for payment
  • Addons with Shopping List
  • Semi-Auto Updater in 1-click
  • Plugins Support
  • Elegant Code Editor
  • Online Shop
  • Sell Physical, Digital & Subscriptions
  • Sell virtual & downloadable goods
  • Automated Payments for Stores
  • SSL for securing in backend
  • Search & Register Dommains
  • Build site from zero (Element Builder)
  • Exclusive Frontpage for your business

Updated: Nov-17-2020


1. Because of many requests, now gomymobiBSB is designed to work best in root of domain, such as http://www.gomymobi.com/ or http://sub.gomymobi.com/. So if you run the script on a sub folder, the images of website themes may be broken, you will need to use an HTML editor to replace paths of these images. Website themes are in /app/installer-sample-data/themes/ if you still do not install or /app/themes/ if you installed; you must replace image paths in all HTML files.

2. For changing any layout, links or text, please read Knowledge Base first to understand structures, features & functions of all elements.

This software can host your client's sites as the sub directories by default, so if you want to host as subdomains, you'll need to access your host server & change its configurations. In order to enable the subdomain hosting feature, please follow 3 simple steps below:

  1. 1. Point all subdomains to your server

    Go to your domain control manager; you must need to create A Record to point all subdomains and custom domains to your server, such as:

    This step requires some hours for updating

  2. 2. Create a wildcard DNS entry for your domain

    Go to your server hosting manager; under site DNS manager, you need to create a wildcard domain entry looks like this:

    This step requires some hours for updating

  3. 3. Include this wildcard in vhost configuring file

    Finally, in the Apache configuration, you must edit a vhost container (httpd-vhosts.conf) that specifies the wildcard in the ServerAlias directive looks like this:

    # DOMAIN: gomymobi.com
    				<virtualhost *:80>
    				   ServerName www.gomymobi.com
    				   ServerAlias * # accept all custom domains / subdomains requests

    Then, restart Apache to apply new configurations, with command service httpd restart (on CentOS) or service apache2 restart (on Ubuntu) .

*** If you are using one of web servers below, please read our simple & quick guides for installation

  1. 1. Point all subdomains to your server

    Go to this URL (replace by your domain information) https://your-server-ip-address:8443/smb/dns-zone/add-record/id/d:your-domain-id-number

  2. 2. Include this wildcard in vhost configuring file

    Go to this URL https://your-server-ip-address:8443/smb/web/web-server-settings/id/your-domain-id-number then add like image below

  3. 3. Restart web server

    Go to this URL https://your-server-ip-address:8443/admin/server/tools?context=tools to restart web server.

  1. 1. Create a subdomain wildcard for your domain

    Go to this URL (replace by your domain information) https://your-server-ip-address:2083/cpsessXXXXXXXXXX/frontend/paper_lantern/subdomain/index.html

  2. 2. Change Document Root for subdomain wildcard

    After subdomain wildcard created, CPanel shall use default path for Document Root, but this default path is wrong; so you'll need to change it to root of main domain.

  3. 3. Edit vhost configuring file

    CAUTION can not perform this task via CPanel / WHM GUI because it always fails, you'll need to do via console's command line only. Read more about Modify Apache Virtual Hosts with Include Files

    a) Use Terminal of WHM/CPanel to open & edit this file /etc/apache2/conf.d/userdata/includename.conf

    b) Enter configs below then save

    ServerName www.gomymobi.com
    ServerAlias * # accept all custom domains / subdomains requests

    c) Rebuild the vhost file by this command /usr/local/cpanel/scripts/rebuildhttpdconf

    d) Restart Apache /usr/local/cpanel/scripts/restartsrv_httpd

  4. 4. Restart web server

    Go to this URL https://your-server-ip-address:2087/cpsessXXXXXXXXXX/scripts/reshttpd to restart web server.

gomymobiBSB is designed to work on Apache system with mod_rewrite. But you can run with other systems easily, such as nginx, lighttpd, litespeed, ect. by converting htaccess's rewrite rules to other suitable rules of these systems.

To allow clients to export their sites and download the themes.

Since version 1.8, your server must support MySQLi because gomymobiBSB only works with it.

gomymobiBSB must be operated by an MySQL server, at least 5.5

To connect to Paypal, please read details at here and more

If your PHP is 5.6 or PHP 7, do not need to care about this requirement, it's included in PHP

CAUTION: since 1.16.0, by default gomymobiBSB starts using Paypal IPN to validate all user payments for orders of plans, website themes & store themes, Paypal PDT is still be used but with many inconveniences.

Paypal IPN

VERY IMPORTANT: you must install plugin Gateway: Paypal to be able to process all user's payments.

Here's a quick guide to enable Paypal IPN in your Paypal My selling tools - Website Payment Preferences

  1. Switch to Instant Payment Notification (IPN)
  2. Point Notification URL to http://www.your-domain-here.com/app/payments/ipn/
  3. Click button Turn On IPN to turn it on

Paypal PDT Token

Used to receive & validate user's payments automatically, or you'll need to handle client's payments manually. Please read documentation to enable PayPal PDT.

Here's a quick guide to register & use a PDT token, perform these below steps on your Paypal setting page - My selling tools - Website Payment Preferences

  1. Switch Auto Return to On
  2. Point Reurn URL to http://www.your-domain-here.com/app/payments/order/
  3. Switch Payment Data Transfer to On

After saving these options, Paypal shall provide you a private PDT token at Payment Data Transfer section; in order to use, just copy & paste it to your System Settings.

By default, gomymobiBSB is designed to work on VPS at least, for providing feature of subdomains and custom domains. And in this section, there are 2 great VPS providers that we think you will love to use their service:

Digital Ocean

Only need to register a new account through above link then verify by your Paypal or credit card, you will get discount 10$. And you only need very little server resource to run gomymobiBSB for best speed and performance, we only need a VPS with 1 CPU and RAM with 512 MB for this script perfectly.

So with this free 10$ from us, you will be able to use Digital Ocean for more than 2 months. Beside, you may also apply this code LOWENDBOX to get more 15$ discount.


Like Digital Ocean, once you register a new account and verify by your Paypal or credit card, Vultr shall double your first deposit, and this special offer is valid for 12 months. This is best ever program for new members from Vultr.

By default, gomymobiBSB supports SSL in back end, you only need to enable SSL in your server for the domain then all features will run on SSL protocol, you do not need to touch any settings. Therefore, all user clients that use subdomains also run on SSL protocol, in order to turn off, please go to System Settings.

However, almost SSL certificates are Domain Validation (DM) only, it means only your main domain is certified, all subdomains are not. In order to have all subdomains are sercured with SSL, you must use a Wildcard SSL certificate. Obviously, all Wildcard SSL certificates are not free or cheap, because this type of SSL certificate takes a lot of time and human resource to release and operate.

In this section, we will want to help you buy a afforable and trusting Wildcard SSL certificate that sold by professtional providers below. Certainly, probably you could find another provider for cheaper SSL, but we reviewed them carefully, and believe that they would give you the best SSL certificate and better support with the real cheap prices:

Highlight solutions from SSL certificates that you could buy:

  • At least $100,000 USD Insurance Guarantee
  • 99% Browser Compatibility
  • Unlimited Subdomains
  • 2048+ Bit SHA2 SSL/TLS Public Key Encryption
  • Full Compatibility With All Versions of SSL and TLS
  • Activates SSL Secure Site Seal
  • 30 Day Unconditional Refund

The SSL Store

This provider is selling many SSL certificates from others, you may buy a Wildcard SSL certificate from:

By default, gomymobiBSB is installed with Development Mode is OFF, in order to enable this mode, please open "your/path/to/gomymobiBSB/app/common.php" and change $psz_app_in_dev to true.

With Development Mode is ON, there are few rules you should notice:

  1. - All PHP errors displayed to all end users, and still logged into the file "errors.log"

  2. - Many very important tasks are disabled, such as: change super administrative account's password & email

By default, gomymobiBSB is installed with Demo Mode is OFF, in order to enable this demo mode, please open "your/path/to/gomymobiBSB/app/account.php" and change $demo_mode to true.

With Demo Mode is ON, there are few rules you should notice:

  1. - Credentials of 5 first accounts are displayed in log-in page for everyone may test all functions

  2. - Real super administrative account is also displayed in log-in page

  3. - You should set the email of 5 first accounts are their passwords for easy test

By default, gomymobiBSB uses PHP mail() function to send emails to users for tasks such as: new registrations, payments, password changes, etc.

But gomymobiBSB is also implemented PHPMailer as alternation. And it's super easy to set PHPMailer as default mailing function, by using your GMail or Yahoo Mail accounts. In order to perform this task, please follow these 2 very simple steps:

  1. Rename /app/includes/PSZMailer.settings.php.config to PSZMailer.settings.php, then open this renamed PHP file.
  2. Fill your account details into $PSZMailer_setting then Save changes
    $PSZMailer_setting = array(
    	'username' => 'youraccount@gmail.com',
    	'password' => 'your-password'
  3. From now, all emails will be sent by your GMail / Yahoo Mail account by default.

CAUTION you'll need to switch "Less secure apps" to ON if you're using GMail.

This option gives you the ability to flush and reinstall the whole current system & database to new state by 1 click only. This feature is usually used in your testing time.

In order to enable this option, you need to run 2 tasks:

  1. 1. Open "your/path/to/gomymobiBSB/app/install.php", and change the below information with your correct database details:

    // replace with your correct information
    $_POST = array(
    	'dbhost'	=> 'localhost',			// database server
    	'dbname'	=> 'dbname',			// database name on above database server
    	'dbuser'	=> 'dbuser',			// database user granted on above database name
    	'dbpasswd'	=> 'dbpasswd',			// password of above database user
    	'fullname'	=> 'Admin',			// name of super administrative account
    	'email'		=> 'hello@gomymobi.com',	// email of super administrative account
    	'password'	=> 'hello@gomymobi.com',	// password of super administrative account
    	'rpassword'	=> 'hello@gomymobi.com',	// reenter password of super administrative account
    	'import_sample_data'	=> 1,
  2. 1. Open "your/path/to/gomymobiBSB/app/business/biz-common.php", and change the secret code with your own private one:

    $PSZ_APP_reset_code	= 'YOUR_SECRET_CODE_TO_REINSTALL_SYSTEM'; // A-z-0-9

From now, you only need to use your super administrative account (1st account) to access the menu: Sytem -> Reinstall on the left navigation to perform the quick reinstallation.

By default, gomymobiBSB displays the dropdown select of supported languages on both frontpage (homepage) and application page. In order to add / remove a supported language, please open "your/path/to/gomymobiBSB/app/common.php" & edit variable $PSZ_APP_LANGUAGES

There are some very important options & features that we recommend you should have a quick review.

  • Custom Domains / Subdomain system for user sites

    If you run gomymobiBSB on VPS / dedicated server, this feature allows you to setup a subdomain system for clients sites & allow clients to point their custom domains to their sites.

  • Payment Status & New users MUST pay their billing to verify account

    Enable this option then new users must pay their billing to activate their accounts. You must enter your PDT Token & Paypal Business Email if enable this option.

  • System email

    Email address to receive client's message or guest emails through form.

  • Site Domain

    You MUST setup this domain correctly otherwise the system can not work properly.

Since version 1.8; gomymobiBSB supports custom templates for many emails such as welcome emails, reset emails, verifying emails, store order emails. In order to change these templates, please go to the following folders: "your/path/to/gomymobiBSB/app/business/template/emails/" && "your/path/to/gomymobiBSB/app/stores/template/emails/"

Install gomymobiBSB (requires PRO Business License)

Because gomymobiBSB is a PHP script, so we need an already installed PHP web-host that working well. Basically, you'll need the information below to setup gomymobiBSB:

  • A MySQL database name with Collation should be set as Unicode (utf8_unicode_ci)
  • A database user with password that can work on the database above
  • An email for admin account

To get started, you only need to upload the extracted directory of gomymobiBSB to your site host and on browser just go to install page, enter all required fields to start installing.

CAUTION if you install gomymobiBSB on a shared host, please contact your web-host provider for FTP upload information or MySQL database issues.

Quick Reinstall

In the case you would like to reinstall the whole system, no need to delete & upload all files, just follow these 4 simple steps:

  • Log out of current session
  • Close current tab
  • Use FTP to delete the system configs file /app/includes/system-configs.php
  • Go to install page to reinstall

Backup & Restore

Because the backup and restore of whole system consumes a lot of time & server resources; and the tasks are also very complicated to all enviroments. So we do not build the backup & restore solutions via PHP code.

Here are instructions to have quick backups and restorations. You will need administrative account of server to perform.

Backup remember replacing NAMES by your own information & details

  1. You should perform System -> Empty cache to reduce sizes of backuped files
  2. Backup your database by this command: mysqldump -u {{DB_USER}} -p{{DB_PASSWORD}} {{DB_NAME}} > backup.sql
  3. Move to directory that contains your website then backup all files: zip -r backup-file.zip {{SITE_DIRECTORY}}

Restore you only need to perform restorations of your database & files.


gomymobiBSB provides you 3 ways to update current source code of your platform.

  1. Semi-Auto Updater, this is easiest & fastest way to have your system updated, go to System -> Updater to perform updates if there's a new update released.
  2. Manual Update, you'll need to upload all neccessary files, depend on each update released, you have more files but normally they are 2 files: update.php & update-XXXXXXXXXXX.zip, etc. to your /app/ then go to https://www.gomymobi.com/app/update/ to perform the update.
  3. Hard-coded Update, you only need to upload all files in folder update_files to your root, then your source code updated.

Local Development / Test

It's better & faster to test gomymobiBSB on local machine enviroments. This section guides you how to create an enviroment that may run gomymobiBSB look like a real live system. In this tutorial, we may only give you the instructions to create a system on Windows OS and we also assume your desired domain is gomymobi.com. For other OS, please find different solutions, it's also very easy.

Basically, you may use any package that you're fimiliar with; it only needs to pass Requirments. In this tutorial, we suggests XAMPP, certainly you may also download the latest version, but stable version 5.6 is recommended. This package comes with all required softwares: Apache, PHP & MySQL.

After downloading & installing XAMPP successfully (we assume you installed to C:\xampp\), without errors. Please go to next step.

CAUTION for any errors, please Google it, we can not give exacted solution because of your computer.

You need administrative permission to edit the hosts file C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts. But we recommend this tool - BlueLife Hosts Editor - to edit quickly. Please download & verify its checksum to prevent any harm.

Run this tool with administrative permission, then add a record for domain you want to run with this script. You may choose any IP address. After added this record, Save it then close.

CAUTION purpose of this step is pointing your desired domain to local IP on your computer, next step we'll assign a site with this domain on your local server.

1) Open Apache vhost configuration file C:\xampp\apache\conf\extra\httpd-vhosts.conf, add code below to end of file then save. Use the same IP address & desired domain you declared in above step.

    DocumentRoot c:/xampp/htdocs/gomymobi.com
    ServerName www.gomymobi.com
    ServerAlias *

2) Unzip all files in folder source_files to C:\xampp\htdocs\gomymobi.com\. If this folder is not exist, create it first.

3) Must restart Apache to apply new settings, by using the tool - C:\xampp\xampp-control.exe.

Type your desired domain gomymobi.com into browser's address bar then start installation to test.

How it work

  1. Browser uses your hosts file C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts to resolve this domain first
  2. Found this domain with IP of server that contains this site, then send request to server (your local machine)
  3. Your local server (XAMPP) receives request, use httpd-vhosts.conf to check if this IP address is hosting on server
  4. Found this IP address is listening, and hosted on server, start serving all requests
  5. Done

Open BlueLife Hosts Editor, add a record for your sub-domain or custom domain then Save. We must use same IP address

How it work

  1. Browser send requests to your local server
  2. Your local server (XAMPP) sends to site
  3. All requests from subdomain are received & proccessed by script


gomymobiBSB's Localization is really very simple & easy. You even do not need any tool except a text editor, because gomymobiBSB uses PHP language files for showing the text. gomymobiBSB has a default language file (us.php) in languages directory, you only need to translate all strings to other languages easily & quickly.

For more new other strings, it's also easy, just follow our instructions in gomymobiBSB's Multilingual support to manage gomymobiBSB's languages better.

SPECIAL you just put the translated language PHP file into the languages directory, the platofrm shall care the rest.

Usages (requires PRO Business License)

At this page, all clients (or users) can do many tasks, such as register a new account or login with registered account / resend activating email, reset the forgotten password.

If administrators put the system to demo mode, and enable "Show Demo accounts", this page should display the demo accounts plus first 5 acounts in system.

With standard clients, they'll have a quick view about how much they spent for the invoices & themes, how much they earned from selling theme licenses to other users.

With administrators, they'll have an overview about system, such as total sites, total users, total earnings, recent activities and other statistics of current month.

This section is the site manager for all users. This section lists all sites of user, all users can sort the sites by many options if they have numbers of sites or just search the sites by some keyword.

The clients can also know the traffic of sites at this section easily & quickly, and click the traffic to see details. Furthermore, this section gives some quick tools to handle user's sites.

The standard clients can browse all approved themes, upload their creative themes for selling, download free themes.

The administrators can approve or deny theme uploaded by the standard users.

This section is for the administrators only. Frontpage is the root page of your domain, the administrators can upload multiple frontpages, but only one activated.

The frontpages must be designed & developed in local computer.

All clients may upload their private materials to gomymobiBSB & manage them online because every user has a private folder, no one can access these private folders if they do not have permission.

At present, Media Browser does not have any limitation.

This section is for the administrators only, they can organize all plans of platform, such as creating, editing or just enable/disable a plan.

A section for the administrators to manage all users: create a new user, edit an user, set user as administrator, disable user.

A place where all user activities are logged, the administrators may delete these logs, except the payment logs.

Platform records all user payments & lists at this page. The administrators may react manually to these payments, such as set auto-renewed, disable the payments or delete pending payments.

The administrators may change many platform settings in this page: system configurations, application parameters, payment options and builder configs. These system settings should be applied to all users.

On this page, the users may change their information, such as name, email (require reactivation), password & avatar. For more secure, user's current passord is required to save the changes.