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How to create a store theme

What is a store theme?

- Store theme like Frontpage, is a set of PHP and static HTML files. So you may also use any material, any resource and any framework, such as Lavarel or Zend, to build your store themes. Just use like you want and build as you wish.

- But we also recommend you to use our built-in resources to build faster, our resources almost coded line by line for the system, so it gives the best performance & speed for your website.

Structure of a store theme

  • Store-Theme-Zipped-File.zip
    • index.php (required)
    • theme-settings.php (required)
    • preview.jpg (optional)
    • screenshots-files (required)
    • custom-file.php
    • custom-folder
      • custom-file.css
      • custom-file.jpg

- First rule for zipped store theme file is all files & folders must be at root of zipped file, not at any sub-level.

- Second, you may have unlimited files and folder in a store theme package, but theme-settings.php & index.php are required. These only files shall be loaded whenever any page of a store browsed. And you will start processing all things within index.php.


- This file contains both required store theme settings and custom settings that allows users to change store theme configurations in Store Management section.

Global PHP variables used by store

- Beside global usable PHP variables & functions, store platform has many PHP variables that allows you to use at anywhere in store scope.

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